About KVK Golaghat

KVK Email: kvkgolaghat[at]gmail[dot]com, kvk_golaghat[at]aau[dot]ac[dot]in

KVK, Golaghat is located in Khumtai in Golaghat district of Assam, which was established on 21st February, 1995 under Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat with an area of 12.26 ha. It is located on the Dhodar Ali at a distance of 18 km from Golaghat town and 12 km from the National Highway 37 at Kamargaon. Since inception, this Kendra has left no stone unturned in the transfer of agricultural technology to the end users, assuring development of agriculture and allied sectors.

Khumtai is a small village comprising 550 farm families. Major communities of the village are Ahom (60%) and Kachari (30%). Almost all the inhabitants are poor in economy. Agriculture is the main source of income of the villagers. Sali paddy is the major crop. During rabi season, pea, mustard and vegetables are grown in a commercial scale. Pig rearing is a common practice. The educational status of the village is not so high. However one college, one higher secondary school, two primary schools, a Telephone Exchange, a Post Office, a Circle Office, Police Outpost and a Primary health centre are established here.

Organizing vocational training on agriculture and allied disciplines for practicing  farmers, farm women and rural youth
Conducting on-farm –testing
Organizing front-line demonstration on newly released varieties, technologies etc.
In-service training from grass root level extension functionaries
To identify location specific problems of the farming community and prioritization of the identified problems as per the weight age
To demonstrate the new improved technology to the farmers as well as to the extension workers directly in the farmers field with their active participation
To impart training to the farmers, rural youths, farm women and extension functionaries for capacity building
To collect feedback from the farmer’s field and extension functionaries and collaborate these information for modification or refinement of a particular technology
To provide latest information on agriculture and allied sectors to the extension agencies, NGOs, SHGs,  CIGs etc. for wider circulation to improve economic condition
To prepare different extension models and verify those models in the farmers field with their participation and to create confidence among them
To work as an change agency aiming towards bringing in overall improvement in the lives of the poor in economic, social and personal sphere
Unique Features
KVK is a media which takes science from the research system to the farmers’ door after assessment and refinement.
KVK work as a team or group with a system approach towards problems solving having a core team of multidisciplinary scientist which is unique in respect to other institute.
KVK have a strong technology support system from different ICAR institution/SAU and other research institution.
KVK acts as a linkage between different development organizations, financial institution, NGOs, SHGs, CIGs, co-operatives on one side and farmers/ farmers groups on other side for implementing different developmental activities meant for socio-economic development

KVK acts as a knowledge centre in the rural areas in every facets i.e. addressing/disseminating knowledge on agriculture, environment, natural resource conservation, climate and ecological changes, food and nutrition, health, disease prevention, social well being and impact analysis of all technologies.